Strategic Planning
Completion of Asset Replacement Analysis, (PSAB) and report to Council on
possible options for a future Asset Management Plan. (P. 8 2011 Strategic Planning Report)
Asset Analysis is completed with inventory, life cycles and replacement cost based on historical. Asset Management Plan Phase 1 for Roads, Bridges, Water, Wastewater and Storm Sewer is completed in draft as at March 31, 2014 and has been revised over the months. Report is completed with report to go to Council December 15, 2014. This AMP will be an ongoing project with updates based on asset conditions and adding other assets to the plan over the next couple years, The first AMP is complete but is a plan which requires annual updates and expansions for future use for capital budgeting. Current AMP based on useful life and core infrastructure for meeting Provincial guidelines for grant funding in determining projects which are priority.